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DGW stands for Digital game world which is a company founded in the year 2017, we specialize in building apps and games
 our first game Tap Whizzard is currently under development

  We also develop apps and/or games for other companies

 Any complaints or feedback concerning the app or game should be sent to us on email or through the app-store & google play comments page, even though we haven't published it to respective store yet we are also hiring send us an application on our contact mail and number and we will get back to you very soon thank you for visiting our site.
Other apps are still under heavy development and will be released soon for windows androids E.T.C

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Developer - Abuja, FCT, Nigeria - 54353

looking for some one with great computer skills and coding and animation experience
12-14 years old good with computers and animation and coding skills
None for now
teenage job
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Content Marketing Manager - Abuja, FCT, Nigeria - 3532

someone who is good in publishing and marketing apps and games
13-15 years or age and good at analytics and monetization
get to work in a game company
a lot
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Graphics designer - All - 46543

some one great at drawing, shading and rendering game characters
12-15 years of age and with at least minimum experience in character design , animation and rendering both 3-D and 2-D.
None for now
Same as before
He/she will be in-charge of all character design and animation.
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programmer - Abuja - 57886

some one great at coding, compiling, debugging and testing
12-14 years with the highest level of coding experience
None for now
same as above
He/she will be  a programmer or alead programmer depending on what language chosen for the games and apps
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BETA- Testers - All - 75554

you all know what beta testers are
good phones and pc's
at least 300000 coins for every beta-tester (that is in-game currency).
be the first ones to play killer games.
Not so much only to test and give feed back.
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Server enginneers - Abuja, Nigeria - 453423

We need someone or 2 people who will be in charge of server activicties and maintainance.
12-15 years of age and with high level of experience in server operations
cool job
you'll find out
a lot of responsibilities.
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Happpy new year